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Analog Planet (Michael Fremer)

"There are no lowlights, but one of the highlights is the rich, reverberant recording."
"Nothing beats people singing and playing live together minus auto-tune."


Vintage Guitar

"Of all the homages to Paul, while he was living and since his death at 94 in 2009, Lou Pallo's 'Thank You Les – A Tribute to Les Paul,' on CD and documentary DVD (Showplace Music) is quite possibly the best."


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Down Beat (Editor's Pick)

"This CD/DVD tribute is guaranteed to bring a smile. 'Thank You Les' is a heartfelt love letter and sincere tribute to one of the most influential musicians of all time."


Jazz Times

"Paul would have approved."


Elmore Magazine (CD review)

"A very informal session, it's as if they're right in your living room. All in all, a wonderful album to enjoy at home, serving as a great reminder of the famed Monday nights with Les Paul at the Iridium."


Hittin' the Note

"A charming tribute with some sharp twists."


Blues in Britain

"A guitar aficionado's dream."


Big City Rhythm and Blues

"Slash echoes and reverbs it up on 'Deep in the Blues;' 'St. Louis Blues' has some stupendous slide and harmonica work courtesy of Jon Paris. Further must-hears are Keith Richards trading vocals and guitar with Pallo on the easy-going standard 'It's Been a Long, Long Time' as well as Steve Miller's ethereal vocal on a wonderful revisit of 'Nature Boy.'"


Elmore Magazine (Live Show Review)


Down Beat (Woodshed Pro Session with Lou Pallo)



“Fans and reviewers have taken to the Internet to mark the release of "Thank You Les."


“A beautifully conceived and executed project. Full sound, warm feel and the love for the music are present at every turn.”
    — Todd Steed, WUOT, Knoxville, TN


“With few exceptions, the selections sound like Paul's own performances as if they were culled from recently discovered archives. That's not the case, of course, but nonetheless the trip back memory lane swings, sizzles, cooks, and impresses as if every player were able to channel the musicianship of the man who invented the electric guitar. Each and every track is a demonstration of guitar virtuosity laid down with style, sophistication, and often surprising subtlety.”


“Excellent Disc! Will give it many spins.”
    — Joe Fitz, WDST, Woodstock, NY

Jazziz Magazine

“Tribute records of this sort are often thrown-together, so-so affairs, but this one is altogether lovely and inspired.”


“I think I melted listening to Keith sing 'It's Been a Long, Long Time'.”
    — Suzanne Cheavens, KOTO, Telluride, CO

No Depression

“If you’re a guitar fan, this is an essential acquisition. It’s a tribute, a tutorial, a testimonial and a hell of a lot of fun to listen to."


"This album is so great that you can't just play one song! Lou brings out the joy in every single performer who joins him!"
    — Jerry Gordon, WPRB, Princeton, NJ

Goldmine Magazine

“And even with the parade of guests, the graceful and personable Pallo was not overshadowed at any time. Nobody alive really comes close to matching Paul’s skill set as a guitarist, performer and bandleader — except for Pallo.”


"'Thank You Les' is 'My CD Pick of the Week.' Kudos to all."
    — Bob Collins, WHRU, Hempstead, NY


"You're not going to hear guitar playing this good for a looooong time — enjoy!"


"Seriously, this one's a winner."
    — Matthew Finch, KUNM, Sante Fe, NM

Midwest Record

“Simply one big, honking, smoking sonuvabitch of a guitar and instrumental record that's a must for anyone that enjoyed being a part of the century of Les Paul. Killer stuff throughout.”


“I am listening to 'Thank You Les' right now! It is freakin’ brilliant! I’m blown away by this CD. Will play it lots...wow!"
    — Joe Pszonek, WMSC, Montclair, NJ


“And the heart is definitely felt on this record. It could not be more real in sound and emotion.”


"This is a fantastic tribute which Lou Pallo arranged to the musical genius Les Paul. Bringing together so many of Les's friends like this as a masterful job..."
    — Charlie Carreras, Vice-President, Mahwah Museum, Chair, Les Paul Exhibit


“Everyone knew that Les loved playing the guitar perhaps more than anything, and the players herein return that love in kind on “Thank You Les,” a set that will appeal to anyone who loves good guitar-based music. We know Les would be proud.”


NJ Star-Ledger

“Pallo adds his distinctive six-string to every cut on “Thank You Les.” He also matched each song with each guest, and did so skillfully, pairing Feliciano with “Bésame Mucho,” Slash with the fiery “Deep in the Blues,” and Jersey favorites Eddie Brigati and Bucky Pizzarelli with the standard “I’m Confessin’ That I Love You.” Pallo is doing what he always has: spreading the gospel of Paul.”



“Lou Pallo has created an entertaining and fine tribute to the music of Les Paul.”